Key Project

Gasholder, Didcot

CLIENT: Scotia Gas Networks
SCOPE: Dewatering, Desludging and Demolition

H Smith (Engineers) Limited were awarded the desludging, dewatering and demolition of Gasholder No2 and associated plant, along with buildings currently occupying the site. Built in 1955, the 3 lift above ground spiral guided holder sat 12m high.

Gasholder No 2 was situated circa 6m from Network Rail embankment and live commuter rail line. This project involved significant preplanning and NR approval in accordance with Network Rail Assessment Protection Agreement

Following desludging; demolition of the gasholder tank commenced, with each lift removed from the inside, the outer skin was deconstructed down to approx. 1m above ground to ensure stability, and the remainder of the tank and floor removed and disposed of in addition to the sand base which was fully tested prior to disposal.

The entire gasholder structure was deconstructed using cold cutting techniques mitigating the risk associated with hot works at height.

Service pits for redundant pipework were drained of ground water, levelled and backfilled with arisngs from concrete base, all rebar was removed and concrete was crushed and reduced to 6F2 standard.

All outbuildings were stripped out and demolished to ground level using traditional techniques.

All areas were dressed and levelled, with voids backfilled to Client’s specification using arisings from site to ensure the site was left trip and hazard free.