152-158 Waterloo Road

Key Project

152-158 Waterloo Road

CLIENT: Pear Place Properties
SCOPE: Soft Strip, Demolition and Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal and Demolition of three-storey and two storey properties fronting the busy Waterloo Road at the Junction with Bayliss Road.

Works are being undertaken in accordance of a strict programme and comprised of Soft Strip and Asbestos Removal, followed by demolition (down to and including) lowest slab and footings. Works undertaken via a very restricted site access at one corner of the site.

Demolition has to be carried out in a constricted working space, ensuring protection of the surrounding buildings. Design and installation of the party wall propping system was carried out by our in-house designer, William Hepburn. Further works include weatherproofing and movement monitoring of exposed party wall. The works also include basement excavation and installation of piling mat.

Party Wall Temporary supports have been designed and detailed by our Technical Director to avoid clashes with new piles and framing and to ensure buildability of follow on construction phase. Significant positional monitoring will be carried out throughout the course of the contract to ensure adjoining building is not subject to ongoing movements. Temporary works design and validation was hampered by the fact that the current buildings are upon circa 6m of historically poorly compacted fill.